My Little Coffee everyday

Coffee is the second most consumed drink after water. It’s been a part of everyday life for decades.

Whether in the morning with the family, lunch with colleagues or afternoon with friends, drinking coffee is a friendly practice that we love to share.

That’s why My Little Coffee favors taste and gesture in itself. It allows you to take full advantage of the moment thanks to the concept of the mini-filter.

While preparing your coffee, you will be able to appreciate the aromas that emerge thanks to the fusion of the hot water on the ground coffee. You will then enjoy the tasting.

Introduced in Indochina by French missionaries, it was the tonkin Borel brothers who exploited the first plantation of coffee trees.

Today, Vietnam has become the world’s second largest producer of coffee. There is a bit of Arabica in the mountainous regions and especially robusta coffee whose pronounced taste is perfect for mixed coffees, for example with milk.

Ban Me Thuot régional coffee capital

Ban me Thuot is the main city of Dak Lak province, located in the heart of the Central Highlands of Vietnam. Known for coffee, rubber and traditional festivals, Ban Me Thuot is also renowned for its magnificent forests, rivers, lakes and majestic waterfalls.

Every two years, a festival of coffee and culture Gong is organized. On this occasion, visitors are invited to discover coffee plantations, coffee processing plants and some of the most famous tourist sites in the area.

In previous editions, Vietnam’s largest coffee filter was introduced and recorded in the record books. It is naturally there that Mylittlecoffee selects its coffee and produces mini filter classic.